Journaling, meandering, rambling, and writing my way on through!

I’m just an ordinary soul experiencing an extraordinary life. I like to find the humor that

lives in any moment. I love people and love to learn what lights them up from the inside

– their passions and epiphanies. I think all of life is the ultimate learning curve.

I’m optimistic. I love music and lyrics and prose and verse.

I love photography and writing and trying to capture the small moments in life

that are too large for expression. I like to share words and songs and pictures

and perceptions of life with other people in the hope that they will offer me

theirs in turn. Transforming my life by what I learn from other people, my hope

is that by encountering me on the path of life, I can be of some sort of service

to other people. I want to make a difference in the lives of those I know and love,

making their lives a bit easier or better.

My motto is: what good will come of it? I try to preface the actions I take with

this measuring stick. I try to live by the rule of “first do no harm” and find that

in almost every way, it is both karmic and cathartic in the way that my life flows.


6 Responses

  1. i love what you have written here. is this a picture of you?

  2. Thank you for your kind words! I’m never quite sure what to say when it says “About”, so I try to hit the high notes and say what is important to me.

    Yes, ’tis me, or at least a portion of me, in the picture…

  3. well, having found the quotes tab, let me find this one…

    considering you say you don’t know what to say in ‘about’, you have done a marvellous job! nice to meet you!!!

  4. thanks for the note of well wishing on my blog. miss the canyon but it’s good to be home. love your eyes. keep writing.

  5. Um… hi. Stumbled onto your blog after editing and searching for a poem on Motives that I posted. Then I was surprised to see your eye, easy and common enough, but I had just made my first couple entries and had to say hi. Hate that cropping device!

  6. checked out wedding pics

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