What if…

Madison Street Festival 2009

“What if…

We stopped waiting for permission to be content and started working towards it?

We spent less time thinking of what we can’t do and more time just doing things that make us come alive?

We focused on loving ourselves first instead of trying to find love through others?

We didn’t think it was bad when we felt down but instead recognized that it’s part of the ebb and flow of life?

We believed that each person we met could change the world?

We used the resources we have wisely rather than trying to get more of what we don’t need?

We remembered the good things as much as we remember the bad things?

We cried when we needed to and asked for help without feeling small?

We looked at ways we could help other people instead of ways they can help us?

We worried less and loved more?

We thought about possibilities instead of necessities?…

We spent the time we spend researching celebrities and athletes figuring out what makes our kids tick?

We enjoyed success of others as much as we enjoy our own success?

We stopped praying for solutions to problems we’ve caused and start fixing them ourselves?

We believed the only way to get the Good Stuff of human life is to help others get it first?

We believed that people would manifest the best parts of themselves if they had the opportunity to do so?

We’re more powerful than we’ll ever understand?…” ~Excerpts from: Productive Flourishings and Productive Flourishings

And my own two cents:

We filled our lives with uplifting news?

We quit making assumptions and tried to be more empathetic?

We saw ourselves and everyone around us as our 5 year old selves?

We could believe in the integrity of others’ beliefs,  instead of needing to be right?

We didn’t let the past define today?

What if…




One Response

  1. i like some good “what-if” work …

    What if we bookmark this and work it every week or so 🙂

    I think it’d be great!! Of course, that implies commitment, of which seems sorely lacking based on the regularity of my posts! 😛 What would your what if be?

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