An Apprentice to Love

I’ve had sick kiddos lately. But sometimes it allows me more time to meander through the pages of books! 🙂  While reading several very good books, what I’ve BOUGHT is poetry.  And I ran across this beautiful passage:

The Great WorkLove
Is the great work
Though every heart is first an

That slaves beneath the city of Light.

This wondrous trade,
This magnificent throne your soul
Is destined for-

You should not have to think
Much about it,

Is it not clear
An apprentice needs a teacher
Who himself

Has charmed the universe
To reveal its wonders inside his cup.

Happiness is the great work,
Though every heart must first become
A student

To one
Who really knows
About Love.

(translated by Daniel Ladinsky)

“An apprentice to love.” I like that. 🙂




2 Responses

  1. a lovely poem it is!

  2. don’t be modest, you are a “master worker” !!!
    Great post too.

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