Floating On Thru

All day, my cell phone beeps. Chirps. Whatever you want to call it. That musical-esque noise it makes whenever I receive a text or picture message.

When its my hubby, its a “MUWHAHAHAHAHAAAAA”  evil laugh. That always makes me smile! 😉 When its my youngest, its a theme called “Twilight” that sorta reminds me of part of the “House, MD” theme. When my eldest calls, its an Incubus song. When my other oldest calls, its a acoustic guitar piece.

But I get some Twitter tweets sent to my phone. They just plain ole beep…or chirp…or whatever the sound is that notifies me of incoming message without being TOO disruptive to the environment it finds me in. It lets me know I just received a tweet from somebody I’m following on Twitter.

Let me be straight: I don’t “get” Twitter.

I mean, I understand that people tweet all sorts of stuff. Within the context of 140 characters, of course.  They tweet mundane things, pictures from their phone, interesting links, etc. I have a Twitter account and yes, I even do occasionally tweet.  I’m usually replying to somebody else’s tweet, posting a picture from my phone, and occasionally just saying “HOLLA!”

I don’t get ALL the tweets of people I follow on my phone. I tried that for, oh, maybe about an hour when I first started. Came to realize that my phone would be going off so much that I wouldn’t know if it was a CRISIS from a family member or a random, “Work is hell” type of tweet. Luckily for me, you can choose who you want to receive updates from on your phone under settings. And WHY oh why would I want tweets interrupting my day?

My phone receives a few, selective tweets – tweets that I actually want to read. Like for example,  I have a couple of friends that have moved away – across the country or across town. I like to hear how things are going for them. They tweet about it and I listen. I keep up with their lives that way.

And then there’s the ones I listen for. That I love. That punctuate my day with moments of consideration for what is going on right this red-hot second in my life. Sort of a pause button for the day! 🙂

Today, for example, I received these, all from the same Twitter account:

12:16pm “Take a moment to look up and sit in awe…then read the newest blog post”

1:16pm “Dressing room QOD (quote of the day): Its never too late to start the day over”

2:12pm Affirmation: “The work I do on myself is not a goal, it is a process-a lifetime process. I choose to enjoy the process.

I really enJOY these reminders to slow down and take a look around me! Staying in the moment as I stop and measure my pace through my day. I like to think of it as refocusing my attention on what I take for granted and APPRECIATE it, whatever it is, for what it brings to my life.

Buoy My Life

Buoy My Life

They buoy me. Lift me up and keep me floating on the surface of life instead of drowning in the undertow of self-pity or discontent. These silly, little, beep/chirping words sent out to the world – they make their way to me. 🙂

So what and who do YOU listen to throughout your day? Does it drown you or send you sailing along the currents of life?




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