Skies in my Eyes


December at Home

Windswept Skies

Windswept Skies

Radical climate changes and twilights

along with sunsets and moonrises are my kind of movies.

If I could TIVO the skies I would...


I get that. I really, really do.

I have friends and family who call me up to tell me when there’s a new “show” going on in the sky:

Over the Gulf

Over the Gulf

There are the coolest clouds” or “The sunset is amazing” or “Go outside quick! There’s a ring around the moon tonight” … always followed by “and I thought of you and just HAD to call you to tell you so you wouldn’t miss it.


I think that the fact that when people see something really amazing going on in the sky – in color or shapes or contrast – that they think of ME? It has to be the highest form of a compliment that anyone has ever been given. Ever. And I am honestly humbled that somebody who knows me connects the splendor of the skies in their minds enough that they want to share it with me. ME!

🙂  Peace,



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