And Babies make... 7??!!

And Babies make... 7??!!

Remember Rosie and Doug?  Those RECENT additions to our household? Yeah.

They got busy!!! 5 of ’em, to be exact! This is their first (though I doubt LAST! lol) photo session 🙂 They will grow into their colors, open their eyes, and get quills to replace the spikey hairs when they get a little bigger. Really, they will be just as gorgeous as their parents!

But this is what they look like (when mama was distracted with a few of her favorite treats!!) WE think they are adorable!! 🙂

More soon…




5 Responses

  1. i KNEW it was killing you to not see!

  2. how cute are they… even though they don’t have all their clothes yet…

  3. they look nice and healthy, don’t they? rosie must be a good little mommy.

  4. OMG I’ve seen it all now. Newest addition(s) are incredibly uh, well obviously a body/face only a mother could love.
    Awesome additions. Glad their in your house. My big fat orange guy would make lunch meat out of their little bodies.

    And any one of my 3 kitties would too…IF they got past Rosie’s quills 😉

  5. this is really lovely!
    yes, You guys are so very amazing!

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