Getting Ready for Mraz!

T minus 5 days and counting!

In honor of the upcoming Jason Mraz Gratitude Tour stop in Atlanta this Monday, I thought to post some of his more recent postings. I follow his people on Twitter and in the past week or so he’s taken a total of 24 questions that were “tweeted” to him (it IS a verb, isn’t it?) and answered on his blog. Soo… to get myself ready for the concert and because can you ever REALLY get enough of  the Wizard of Ooos and Ahhs and Fa-la-las, the Mr. A-Z, who is all about the wordplay?? (note: rhetorical question only. You cannot.)

I. Cannot. WAIT!! 🙂



What’s more important, the melody or the message?

Well… obviously they are both crucial and need to be heavily and heartily considered. If you’re stingy in either area, not giving it much thought, the song is likely to have a short life. This question of message and melody can also be applied to general conversation. The way we speak, the things we say, especially our humor or our beliefs, often flow enthusiastically, other times dry, sometimes lovingly and other times, mistakenly hurtful. We must be conscious of our message and the way we deliver it. You are responsible for how your words land in someone else’s ear.

What does your “Beginner” tattoo mean?

When I started surfing, I had to let go of the fact that I wasn’t going to look as cool as everyone else – that I wasn’t going to catch every wave, and if I did, it wasn’t going to be graceful. I found myself paddling-out next to pros wishing I were wearing a sign that said “beginner” just so they would know that I was cool being at this level. I began to notice that beginners had more fun anyway. They don’t get uptight when someone else scores the wave, nor do they know the conditions well enough to say it’s a good or bad day for waves; therefore, Beginners love regardless of condition, or shall I say, Beginners Love UNCONDITIONALLY. In Zen it is said, The Beginner’s mind a great place to come from. Getting the tattoo was my way of seriously adopting this motto for the rest of my life to be applied to all subjects. It also gave me the label I love to wear when paddling-out next to the pros. In time I’ll find my grace and serious face in the water, but until then, I’ll be the humble beginner just happy to be wet.

what keeps you up @ night.

I often ask myself: Am I doing enough? What contributions have I made today? If my list is short I will get out of bed and start typing something – often a letter or a journal entry, as if my own journal will someday amount to something (which it usually does, allowing me sort out the garbage from the recycling in my head.) Otherwise, I waste little energy on worry. What’s there to be anxious about? Missing a flight or not making a phone payment can be an inconvenience, just as someone you know getting sick or even dying can be very unfortunate. But Worry is what happens when you take those misfortunes on and think you have control over them. You tell yourself that you are responsible in some way for these situations. Or worse, you’ve decided if the outcome isn’t pleasant, there could be even more trouble for yourself and others.

Worry is a story you tell yourself and nothing more. Sometimes we do it to over-express our care in a matter. Other times we’re looking for sympathy. We’ll even go so far as to tell all about our worries in hopes that someone else will share the responsibility with us. There are plenty of reasons we create for Worry to creep its little head in.

But the real fact is, you are responsible for nothing to begin with.

Let’s say you send some love to someone, but they don’t reciprocate the way you expected. That’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Besides, if they don’t, why worry about that? If that mattered, you’d be creating that as a condition for having love in your life. Unconditional love is what we practiced when we came into this world in the first place – so it’s best we get back to being that.

Our economy-based society doesn’t make it easy for us to live worry-free lives. Somewhere between the ages of 6 and 16 we pick up all kinds of story and baggage that sit with us our whole lives. Is my job a cool job? Are my clothes cool or appropriate for this place? Do I read the right books? Do I hang with the right crowd? Whatever the answer, it’s just one interpretation of how you THINK life should be. There’s nothing in this Universe that can support the way something SHOULD be other than the honesty and your joyous reaction to it being whole.

Life itself is empty and meaningless. Truly. It’s you who give meaning to something. The world you see before you is entirely defined by your interpretation of it. Otherwise, life just is.

Some people don’t care for sports. They see the game as meaningless. Others see it as the most important activity on the planet. Some people really love fancy cars while others can go their whole lives not caring what kind of box they’re transported around in. You see what I’m saying? Go easy on yourself. Love yourself at 28. Tell the world that it is a peaceful and playful age, not a hard one, and watch it transform around you.

You’ve asked a very serious question and hopefully this brief answer shines some light on the power you have to create endless, beautiful possibility for yourself. Nothing is wrong in your world unless you tell yourself it is wrong. There are no wrong questions. There are no wrong answers.

There is only Love. Everything else is our resistance to it. -Terces Englehart



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  1. WE CAN’T WAIT!! Julie is soooo excited. Thanks for asking us to be a part of the “Graditude” evening 🙂

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