Ripples in the Water

I love the words Jason Mraz throws out there. He tossed this out into the blogosphere recently, via his Freshness Factor Five Thousand blog, and they landed right here on this little ole blog page! Imagine that! LoL :

“Drop a pebble in a lake and eventually the ripples go beyond what you’re capable of seeing. If you can touch, move, or inspire just one person in your lifetime, it will have a powerful impact on the world.

Live knowing that your extraordinary actions will still be resonating across that lake for 7 generations and then some.”

“What are you doing to transform the world today? I’ve been asking myself that as I wake up. How will I touch, move, and inspire someone today?

It’s quite simple really.

All you have to do is smile genuinely at someone, or sincerely thank him or her. I enjoy thanking my grocery store clerks for being a bright part of my shopping experience as it’s the place where I get my food; that which is going to be my fuel to nourish and strengthen my ability to be my most awesome….”

Gets me thinking and moving in the RIGHT direction (sort of like my morning meetings. 🙂 ) Keeps me moving and dancing down the bright and sunnier path in life.

Try asking yourself:  how will you touch, move, or inspire somebody in your day, in your world?  See if it doesn’t change the colors of your day! 🙂




One Response

  1. your ripples are showing 😉
    great job!

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