Sheer Exuberant Joy

Exuberant … FIRST

SWCONDDsml18exhilaration … disbelief awww




Doug (they arrived the day we saw “UP”) and Rosie.


A dream since these days, I’m so excited for her:

aDSCF0024 a suprmary and hedgieLove you, Babygirl! And the new hedgies πŸ˜‰


5 Responses

  1. where on earth do you get those little things, they’re adorable!!!!!!

  2. OK. So where are the hedgehogs living? And most importantly, what did she name them?

  3. HEDGIES! how cool is that – love the photoshoot.
    and joy yes, exuberant hedgie joy!

  4. Mom, it’s spelled Doug. XP

    Ugh, I look like a dork in everything except the bottom two pictures. 😐

    Sorry! DOUG then…and I think you look like the proverbial kid at Christmas πŸ˜‰

  5. mom strikes again! lol….i have hedgehogs in my house. Oh, well, they are considered good luck in Europe!

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