What a weekend!!

We had one come in to be in a wedding and bring along a friend Heather, who we’ve decided to unofficially adopt, she fit in so well with our dysfunction (Side note: I overheard her telling someone that she “didn’t mind hanging out with (me), (Ashleigh and I) were so alike it was like hanging out with Ashleigh”-apparently we are interchangable)

Angie Leigh2Saturday we went to an Art Show where a couple of my friends had set up booths. Michele from A Year of Art and Angie from Pick My Brains Art were side by side. GORGEOUS day for an art show! C.A. was there too!

Sunday we took everyone to see “UP”, the new Pixar movie in 3D. GREAT movie!! I cried. (Yeah, I know.) Michele and a few of her crew were there and we ran into C.A. and the Gent too walking around BridgeStreet. Fun!

Afterwards, hubby and I snuck off and picked up a surprise for the littlest: 2 hedgehogs!! Thus fullfilling her lifelong (well, 11 years of the 13 she’s had) dream. It was GREAT! I will post some pictures from the weekend and *try to post some of the video of her when she saw the hedgehogs for the first time tomorrow. 🙂 Priceless.

There really are some things that money can’t buy. This weekend was FULL of them! 🙂 Now, on to the week!!




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