On this Memorial Day, I celebrate the people who have served as protectors of the liberties I have enjoyed every day of my life. My gratitude for sacrifices made with their lives and that of their families is ineffable. These people have made my life today possible. Trite though it may be, thank you.


~ Celebrate ~

~Celebrate Life~

“...i’ve made a solid commitment to live unreasonably.

with that said, i celebrate this momentus memorial day in honor of my former self, the timid kid with secrets who once settled in solitude, moving only as a chess piece would whenever my king of a manager or queen of a girlfriend gave me the nudge.

i celebrate the journey thus far with no regrets.

this life is a beautiful one (to quote tristan prettyman on her birthday weekend) and the adventure is the only part of the story that i’ll take to the grave…” ~Jason Mraz

Amen, brother!



2 Responses

  1. love the photo!
    and the words!
    celebration is always on time!

  2. I like the commitment! And I love the pic! Aren’t we cute?

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