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Well, we were home again for yet another day because of the uncertainty of Swine Flu’s method of spreading! According to the Superintendent of schools, they are “cleaning and disinfecting” all of the schools – every surface in every school (think about it!) -and have even fogged all the buses, just to be safe. Wow. That’s alot of surfaces to clean…we may be here again on Monday!

Lonnng day. So how about a lovely quote from the vault to kick off the weekend? Actually, its relatively fresh: I got it last week off Grey’s Anatomy. Love me some WORDS!!!



picture by ~Awesome~latte707  on Deviant Art

picture by ~Awesome~latte707 on Deviant Art

Even when our hopes give way to reality and we finally have to surrender to the truth,

it just means we’ve lost today’s battle, not tomorrow’s war…

Here’s the thing about surrender: once you do it – once you give in – you forget why you were even fighting in the first place… ~ Ellen Pompeo, Grey’s Anatomy (Season 5, episode 20)


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  1. those words moved me!

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