Autism Awareness – Filler

When we began the journey through autism 14 years ago, there was little awareness about autism and precious few resources for families who found themselves trapped in the maze.

Some of our families have been told to put their child in an institution. Were hoping for Harvard.

"Some of our families have been told to put their child in an institution. We're hoping for Harvard."

←(Side humorous Note: Remember when I said “THEY” said “be prepared to institutionalize him”? Found this researching for current info!) hehehehe

During my son’s childhood and into his teenage years, organizations like Autism Speaks, F.E.A.T. (Families for Early Autism Treatment), the Autism Society have helped bring about awareness…which in turn has brought about funding for research…which in turn has brought about a multitude of services and options that even 10 years ago were unheard of. It amazes me how many different ways there are these days to help support both Autism Awareness and research these days!

To that end, I thought as a filler to the previous entries this April, I’d post a couple of the many opportunities available to learn more, help support, and just become a small part of the solution. 🙂




Every time you use the toolbar to search and shop online,

you will raise money for the National Autism Association


Gerda Brooks Cohen of Hull, MA has been collecting seaglass with her husband Irwin from the beach for 44 years.

When Cohen finds the seaglass on her walks on the beach, she turns the white, amber, green, red and blue pieces into jewelry. As people expressed interest, she began to sell them for around $18 and donates all of the proceeds to Autism Speaks, an awareness and fundraising group.

“I’ve got to do something,” Cohen said one weekday morning, pointing to more than 10 jars of sea glass in her kitchen. “I’ve got to find a good cause.” Cohen is familiar with the issue because her youngest daughter teaches autistic children in Delray Beach, Fla.

As long as there are buyers, Cohen will keep making the pendants and sending the proceeds to Autism Speaks. She includes a flier with information about sea glass and autism with every piece of jewelry sold.

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