Autism Awareness Month – How Do You Know?

Now this is information that can be pretty critical in getting an early diagnosis. We were an anomaly in the mid 90’s. Most parents didn’t get a diagnosis as early as we did, but then again, if we’d listened to anyone other than our innermost selves, I suppose we may not have gone ahead and had him looked at!

The information at the bottom of the photo is for local intervention here in North Alabama (though many others outside of our area are using ABC, Inc. as consultants). The rest is actually part of the Center for Disease Control’s campaign to increase awareness about what to look for. There’s a “FACT SHEET” at the end that you can click on and download (as a .pdf) to use for yourself, pass on to other parents, or to ask your doctor to post in his/her waiting area. It’s all the same CDC campaign, but since it has some good information, I’m passing it on!



Learn the Signs – Act Early

( From the Center for Disease Control)

Early Intervention

Click for Larger View

*Download the CDC’s Autism Fact Sheet


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