Paying My Respects

I’m getting everyone ready to head South again tomorrow.

We’re going to be paying our final respects and saying our goodbyes to my Aunt. I wondered where such a phrase came from. I mean, I know I respected her immensely. But how does one go about paying someone? So off to the internet I went!

pay your respects

to express your admiration or friendly feeling for someone
First I paid my respects to her parents and then went into to town to see some other people.
Fans waited in the cold to pay their final respects to this fine athlete.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form pay your final respects (to express your admiration for someone who has died)

Idiom  Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms

Ahhhh. So I was going to express my admiration for her life. For the myriad of ways her love and optimism and humor and wisdom shaped my life in ways I can only imagine. She did that. She touched every life she came in contact with in a positive way. That’s a bunch of lives with her fingerprints on them! And while I’m sure her husband and kids and grandchildren already know this, I know she would like us to be there and represent how much of an impact she had in our lives and how much she will be missed by everyone who knew her. Out of respect. Out of love. Out of loss. Out of admiration for her spirit.

So I’m going to be away for a few days.

I’d like to post some more of the Autism Awareness Month when I get back, I think. 🙂




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  1. wishing you strength through this not so easy time. be safe!

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