I’m out of town (visiting my parents for Easter), so I’m doing a quick post.

My Aunt Pat is not doing well at all. My mom’s the oldest of 5 kids and this is her sister who is closest in age.

She’s been battling cancer now for nearly 2 1/2 years – very bravely and with a grace that I am in awe of – but there’s nothing more they can do for her except make her as comfortable as possible. Hospice has been in overseeing her care at home for a couple of months now, but they told our family that it would probably be in the next 24 hours that she will pass. My mom has been over there for 3 days straight, staying with my Uncle Bill and cousin Barri, who’ve been her primary caregivers since this all started. It is a very difficult and painful time – the letting go part.

Easter has always been her favorite holiday…


Scratch that. Her battle ended at 11:15 pm , right after I started this posting. 😦 Sigh….

I always try and look at each moment from different perspectives, as any regular reader of these ramblings knows. Easter was her favorite holiday. A few years ago, she and my mom visited Russia during the Easter season and she fell in love with the joy and reverence that celebrated Easter. “Happy Bright Week”, they said, so she began sending out cards the week of Easter that said “Happy Bright Week”.  She entered the Catholic Church 7 years to the day she passed away. I choose to believe that she is celebrating now with her son who was killed back in August of 1988 (at age 18) and her parents who passed away in the last 2 years.

I am SOoooo going to miss her!!!!!! Rest in Peace Aunt Pat!!!

My late Grandmother Norma and Aunt Pat with Mama

My late Grandmother Norma and Aunt Pat with Mama





3 Responses

  1. Hugs and prayers

  2. how terribly sad. my condolences.

  3. Sorry to hear about Pat. I lknow how much she meant to you. My prayers are out there.
    Take care Hugs.

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