Easter Crack-Ups

Yes, it was a different Easter for us with my Aunt’s death. AND my hubby’s birthday was today too (Happy Burstday Sugar!!) But it was still very much so Easter, with kids and eggs and sugar and family and all the cool stuff that is another aspect of Easter celebrations.

My favorite quotes from the holiday both occurred at church the night before Easter. We chose to go to Easter Vigil Mass instead of getting up early this morning and stressing everybody out trying to get ready, find baskets, have breakfast, etc.

Since we were out of town, we went to my parent’s church – nice church too, by the way! – at the 7:30pm service. For those of you who aren’t Catholic, vigil mass on Easter is a bit longer than the standard hour. Part of the service is the lighting of candles outside the church, each person lighting the next person’s and so on, then following a procession into the darkened church.

Saturday evening was cool and a bit blustery where we were, making it difficult to keep the candles lit.

Littlest:(grumbling and struggling to keep her flame lit) “Why do we have to walk into the wind with these candles?!”

Her older brother in his decievingly deep voice, utterly serious and sounding almost sinister,

“It’s what Jesus would want.”

Bhwahahahahahaha!! (<-my input, not necessarily evilly laughed)

Later, after successfully re-lighting his candle, we heard him whisper, “Now I’ve got FIRE POWER“.

I glanced over at their older sister who was, like I, trying to maintain a dignified and properly reverent attitude.

Both of us had one eyebrow up and were biting our lips to not laugh out loud.

Happy Easter!




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  1. Happy Easter!
    Happy birthday Drewbie Doo!

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