Everything is Writable About

One of my favorite quotes, especially when I am plagued by self doubt or writer’s block:

…Everything in life is writable about

if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~Sylvia Plath

If you think about it, everything really is writable about in life, isn’t it?

The truly awesome aspect of this self-held truth for me is that we each have our own perspective on life, so the variations and flavors to the story are infinite!  Because no matter how unique or mundane the path your life takes, nor even how many others are right beside you, each moment is lived by you through your eyes and experiences.

So when I share ‘my world’ (as I tend to call it), its my version of life. I’m certain if you asked the people who live with me about a common moment, say a shared memory, then each would re-tell it from how they remember it from  inside themselves. Nuances and impressions and feelings and intuitions would all color the same moment differently.

Now multiply that by 1 billion people or so in this world and you have the largest potential library ever! 🙂

Look around you the next time you’re in line at the supermarket or waiting in a car line at school or at a park. Every face you see is experiencing the same moment and event, each in a profoundly different way. If everyone stopped and wrote about what it was that they were seeing,feeling, hearing, thinking at the same moment, no two would be the same!

How cool is that??




3 Responses

  1. now this picture alone, would give you as many stories, and there are people… wow. true.

  2. Very cool indeed.

  3. Is that a “Where’s Groucho?” campaign,
    Yes I agree, it’s all writable, or as my budding historian once said, “When you think about it everything is history.”

    Y’all have a great weekend.

    And a Happy Easter to you and your family, Larry!

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