I’d Be a Cat


A long time ago, there was a forum where friends would post random bits of hard-earned wisdom, motivational quotes, rants about things they couldn’t do anything about, hope, sadness, and all the colors in between.

One of the more engaging and humorous activities was to answer “What type of animal would you be?”

Here are some of the responses and my answer (after spending WAY too much time researching and thinking!):

The first She Said:

Hey, I was just thinking…(i know very dangerous)  But anyway….

If we had to be an animal what would we all see ourselves as?

I know that my perception of others is different from my perception of myself.  So I thought for a minute …………….I would best describe myself as an ostrich. I can get mad and spit on someone/ I can run pretty fast/ and I can bury my head in the sand when I get scared or don’t want to face it.

Let’s hear what you guys see yourselves as! (Just a fun thing)

*He said: “a bear…….kind of slow, kind of, well, rounded, like to hibernate, kind of furry, but have the capability to turn into a pretty different animal altogether if my tractor is cranked…….i give good hug, though……”

She Said: :A chameleon. Do reptiles count? LOL”

Another She said: “Oh wow!! Played this game years ago … here was what I came up with and I think it still
applies today:  A Dolphin… gets to play in the water all the time. They are flirtatious but fearful of new things and a bit shy around strangers but extremely bright and they fly with out leaving the earth…yeah. Given the chance I would wanna be a dolphin”

*He thought about it and said: I think the question was “would” instead of “could”…. if it was “could”…..a cheetah……..what does the fast cat say? “mmeeEEEOOOoowww” as it flies past at 65 mph…..”

Yet another She Said:a pink flamingo…”

He #2 said: “An Eagle. Flying the skies at will, and swooping down on my next unsuspecting victim…”

He #3 said: “Ummm……I’d be the Cat in the Hat….”

He #4 said: “An elephant. Think about it…”

He #5 said: “A falcon— anyone that knows me knows why—-Love to touch the clouds. Leonardo DeVinci said it best– ‘When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to be.’ “

Another She chimed in with: “I’m not sure I’ve evolved up to the animal kingdom yet. Maybe I’d be a zuchini…”

He #6 said:Yesterday, during another session of junior golf (when does school start!) I watched a dog who is owned by one of the families who has a child in my junior golf program. He had a blast yesterday (my perception). On what I observed I would have liked to be him yesterday:
As he ran around people petted him just as long as  he wanted to put up with it,

when a bird or rabbitt or another roving rodent ran by he chased it with reckless abandon,

when he was hot or thirsty he ran to any one of the lakes and plunged in without a care,

when he was tired he camped out on the porch surrounding the club,

and whether hungry on not people were always tring to feed him.

And at the end of the day he was seen trotting home to a family who is known to all of us at work to love this dog dearly. His name(and this is true I swear) is “Run-a-round” and it would have been a great day to be a dog in the country.”

So what would I be?  Hmmm… here’s what I said:

“After much thought (WAAAAY too much, but thats another post!) … I think I must be just simple house cat:
they can spaz out but land on their feet, always appearing to have MEANT to spaz out…
they spend most of their time stretching and napping either by a fire or in a sunbeam…
they cannot HELP but investigate the why’s of the world with their curiosity…
they purr when they are content and happy…
they can love you, and you them, but remain independent by the same measure…
they are quiet and padded, stealthily prowling through life…
they can be playful with the proper motivation,but deadly serious when tracking…

MOST of all, they have the proverbial “nine lives” with which to screw up!

😛 meow. 😀



2 Responses

  1. heee heeee heeeee, you definately picked the best one!

    welcome back too, dear one, and please come pick up something my side…

  2. I think I’d want to be a giraffe so I could be tall.

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