New Household Members :)

Welcoming our Newest Additions!!

7 of these guys:

(how COOL are these??)

(from an article HERE)

Glo-Fish® are brilliantly colored, active fish. While they don’t actually glow in complete darkness, they glow brightly with the help of a black light. They come in fluorescent pink, orange, and neon green varieties. They look more like plastic toys than actual fish. As strange as it seems, these genetically engineered fish actually make excellent aquarium fish.

These genetically engineered fish are essentially Zebra Danios, with a pigment gene from a phosphorescent sea creature spliced into their DNA. You can read my post on Glo-Fish® from a scientific perspective HERE. While they were essentially “created” in a lab, theoretically only their color has been altered. I have had many of these fish and they exhibit the same traits as their duller parent species.

These fish are very active swimmers, constantly darting around the tank in brilliant flashes of color. They do well in communities, and are easy to keep like other Danios. I have all three colors of these fish, and they really brighten up the tank. It’s also a lot of fun to turn off the lights and watch them glow under a blacklight.

There is actually a lot of controversy as to the ethics of these fish. Some say the gene altering of this breed makes them unsuited for sale or household use. I believe they are already illegal in California and perhaps other states will follow suit. Another interesting fact is they are actually copyrighted under international law. While the fish themselves are the ones copying themselves, deliberately breeding and selling them without a license is prohibited. They are chemically sterilized before being sold, but some get by without losing their fertility. As they said in Jurassic Park, Life will find a way.

2 of THESE Guys:

The type species is the spotted beta, but the best-known species is the Siamese fighting fish.(“…gotta keep ’em separated! “)

And finally…

Our Golden Mystery Snail – a South American freshwater snail.


3 Responses

  1. Is Tucker going crazy yet? LOL How cool! Go to my blog and check out our potential new addition to our family. We meet her on Monday.

  2. hiya could you please tell us where you got these from i haven fallen in love

  3. Sure thing! These came from the pet store (Petco), I believe. Don’t know if that helps that much, but they really ARE spectacular! 🙂

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