Limitless Possibilities

You are creating your life right now. Make it outstanding.

The ups and downs of the moment will come and they will go. What will always remain is your passion for living.

You are a dynamic expression of a universe that is overflowing with limitless possibilities. Choose to live up to your highest potential. Focus on your most compelling and authentic desires, for in them you will find boundless energy to achieve.

Do truly great things for the world by doing what gives you real fulfillment. Imagine a life that is ideal in every way and filled with meaning for the unique person that is you. Keep that vision constantly in front of you and you will surely move toward it with everything you do.

This day, this life, this incredible opportunity to be, is the real thing. And already you are making it outstanding. — Ralph Marston


2 Responses

  1. excellent message!

  2. I saw the title and thought, hmmmm, Limitless Possibilities, must be something to do with the number of ways a teen will come up with to ask for money! 🙂
    I was pleasantly surprised, thanks Shiney lady!

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