Natural Love

I HEART you!

I HEART you!

Sometimes love can be found in the most unlikely of places … 😉

Last weekend here, the weather smiled and gave a little wink in the direction of Spring.  Saturday’s skies wore a dress of freshly washed cerulean blue, basking in the sun’s warm benevolence. While the Earth and trees still slept, stark in their winter slumber, the rest of nature seemed to be conducting a dress rehearsal for the Spring.

My hubby and I decided that it was entirely too perfect a day and headed out to a nearby Nature Trail to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, under the guise of testing my new lenses. Along the path I was looking ahead, gauging what  was coming up that I could shoot, when my hubby called me back saying, “C’mere and look at this!”

He was pointing to a spot off the trail, next to the pathway where I had just passed. It was what was left of a tree, fallen who knows how long ago, that Nature had hollowed out in such a way that it was a heart! I had stepped right past it, never even noticing!  “It’s a heart”, said my hubby, with a smile in his voice. After snapping the picture, I smiled back at him and said, “Its a sign.” And it was, to me.

It spoke of time passing, of a changing of direction and purpose. It grew and sheltered, slept and woke … it spoke of storms that it had stood against and that brought it down. It continued on, its life spent, pieces of the very heart of it hollowed out giving sustenance and shelter to others who came across it on their own paths. Until what was visible to us as we saw it in passing was the shape of heart. How appropriate!

And when starting this entry days ago in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, my thoughts turned to my hubby with a smile. We are that silly heart-shaped tree, fallen in the woods, just off the beaten path. Its the same as our love that has grown, sheltered, slept, been tossed about by storms, knocked down, given with purpose to those around us offering pieces of our story as sustenance, a place to find refuge in a storm, knitted together into a perfect shape by the very things that seek to wear us down.

Silly little tree stump.:)



“When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates…my kids are going to be right about that.”
Pam Beasley (The Office)

My Lobster


5 Responses

  1. How beautiful, your words flo with the very thoughts that flitter through my mind in the same circumstances. I, however; can’t say things with the same flowing beauty that you do. Thank you for your gift of words.

    Thank YOU, Angie, for your sweet words!!

  2. very cool –
    when I saw the post title I thought it was gonna be a condom commercial – lol

    LoL! It DOES sound like one, now that you mention it! But hey! If that’s what makes you stop by, I’ll try and conjure up more “provocative” titles in the future 😉

  3. I love waking up in the morning and checking your blog. I can always find comfort, humor and this morning love. You have such a talent with words LeLe. And this story was perfect! I guess all good couples are that tree stump. Weathering storms, all the while forming that strong wooden core of love:)
    Thank you for this morning’s reminder.
    I stump ya!

  4. ok…now that I read Larry’s comment all I can see is a cheesy 70’s kinda commercial for condoms…..thanks Larry.

  5. makes me wish for spring thank god my only vehicle isn’t my new car i got birthday present from my cats lol. need the top down been mia looking on autotrader and ebay

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