I Wanna Be A DORY

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a Dory?

Well. Maybe everyone wouldn’t think so,

but I do.     Sometimes.

No short term memory, so everything is always new and amazing, everyone is a  new friend …

Unjaded and naive, believing in the best in things and people …

Kind, caring, and and extremely helpful

Enjoying everything in its shiny newness…

Oblivious to the darker, dangerous sides of life …

Singing odd little made up songs that get stuck in your head…


I guess it does have its drawbacks.

Dory: “When I look at you, I feel….home.

I don’t want to forget THAT”.


Ok, so maybe just SOMEWHAT like Dory 😉

Peace, ~me


One Response

  1. OH……THAT Dory. LOL

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