Sowing the Seeds

He’s Baaaaccckkk!

Mr. Mraz, who you may have heard me mention a time or two 😉

has broken his blogosphere silence and posted an entry with some thoughts that motivate me…inspire me… and just generally make me smile.

So naturally, I’m posting it so that maybe…JUST MAYBE… it will do the same for you!



Seeds Sewn

Since late 2008, I’ve had the great pleasure of traveling without email or telephone access. I spent some much-appreciated time in solace, shoeless between Hawaii & Peru while making a short, icy stop in New York City, on my way home to San Diego.

As usual, instead of souvenirs I brought home so many wonderful new thoughts, having enjoyed enlightened activities of real peace. I participated in ceremonies intended for expansion, balance and oneness, for the closing of the gaps within our selves and between each other. I saw places I had never dreamed I would see, tasted flavors I never knew existed, and spoke in languages of love I didn’t know I had the capacity for.

If it’s not too late to make New Year’s resolutions, I resolve to be love this year. Quite simply, I refuse to resist it any longer.

Our minds can play mean tricks on us, so it is important not to identify with any of that potential & hazardous thought up there. Evil thoughts such as, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m too tired or high strung for that” Or worse, “I’m ugly” can create ourselves as exactly those thoughts. Instead, embrace that you at this very moment are perfect. Affirm to your Self, “I am f***ing Awesome!” The culmination of billions of years of evolution has created this moment with you in it – and quite a lucky star you are to experience all this.

Did you ever stop to think that the Universe decided to have a (insert your name) experience? It isn’t the other way around. You, whoever you think you are, can’t heal your bones. You don’t make your heart beat. You don’t have to sit and think about making your food digest. If you have a child, you aren’t the one inside it making it tick and commanding it to grow. The Universe is at work in so many wonderful ways, and it doesn’t stop just because we begin to think we know everything in the adult system. Hell, everything we know is just a story that we’ve made up to help us organize this reality anyway. And since it’s only a story – feel free to change it at any time.

That’s enough of my spiritual banter, not to be confused with religious banter, since religion limits the amount of mystery we’re truly able to embrace. Religion often forces us to find one god whereas being spiritual simply means to feel the unbelievable power in all things. Such as, I believe in the undeniable power of you. Truly.

I know my job wouldn’t exist without listeners and readers, those who share my joy and my journeys thru the time and space. I would still have my art, but the vibrations wouldn’t be as strong without the audiences that gather and the collective souls who sing from their cars and within their showers. You make the art more immediate by accepting it, applying it, and continuing to share it on your own plain.

Recently I was turned onto the work of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers; An action team of women from the four corners of the globe who have formed an alliance to bring balance to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants for the next seven generations to come. To do work intended for seven generations is a remarkably selfless act indeed. Imagine making something that you know is meant for someone 200 years from now. It’s like planting a tree. In your lifetime you may not be able to swing from it’s branches, but long after you’re gone, many families will.

The same thought can be applied to consciousness. Are you choosing to think it’s too late to save the planet because you’re not seeing immediate results? Are you personally choosing not to change your diet and bad habits because you think it will make this week suck? Well, think of that distant you in the future who will look back and hug you for the powerful shift in consciousness you decided to make right now.

For the planet and its inhabitants who are still evolving, we may not SEE a world of enlightened beings who coexist with nature, but we can certainly SEED it.

If you want to make a literal contribution to the seeding of the future – Check out the Millennium Seed Bank, the largest conservation project ever conceived.

If you want to play immediately with seeds, pick up some Black Caraway Seeds the next time you feel a cold coming on. Just chew a small handful a few times a day to boost in the immune and fight the cold. This remedy, like so many others, proves the earth has all the medicine we’ll ever need and then some.

There are many people around the world who are still connected to the Earth, who see that we DO rely on her gifts, that we live on her body, that we, ourselves sprouted from Nature. Modern society, city life, and TV technology fool us too often and we forget our roots. Protect the air and water, all that which gives us life and learn from what the plants are trying hard to teach us.

Also, Lisa Hannigan‘s album, Sea Sew, came out today. Get it.

More to come.
Glad to be back.


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