Music Monday – Halfway Home

So sorry that some of ya’ll MISSED the SNL version of Mraz live, so I thought

What better Music Monday would there be? 😉

Love this song! This song was listed on one of my first few Volumes (Soundtrack to my life) CDs. See what ya’ll think!



Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL. Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

1. LJL
2. LLP
3. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives
4. happyichigo~minipop
5. Faisal Admar – Whole Again
6. Gossip Galore
7. Genie Princess
9. Phatelara
10. Ane
11. Maria
12. Roxiticus Best Blogs
13. Hot Celebs
14. Naomi
15. Miss Moneypenny
16. Rozella AMI
17. Rozella FIPW
18. seiken (Point Ko – My point)
19. Janujennifer
20. Joyoz
21. Shinade
22. dickster1961
23. The Accidental Fashionista
24. Mizé
25. Shemah MSE
26. Mel
27. Mystery Man
28. Captain SpeedyCat DJ H
29. Laura-Whateverebay
30. You’re next!

2 Responses

  1. you so blow me away with your internet music savvy!
    I am currently listening to “Best of Bill Withers”
    it’s an awesome cd!

    Pffffttt!! 😛 Savvy, shmavvy! Convince me – suggest a B.W. song and I’ll go listen 😉

  2. love the song!

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