Riding the Rollercoaster that IS this Life

**UPDATE Thur, Jan 29th**

Ok, so I RePosted this today and when I opened my homepage this afternoon, this was the ‘scope for TODAY:

You may go on a wild roller coaster ride today as your self-esteem soars one moment and then crashes the next, only to climb the next incline with grace. It’s hard to find a stable place on which you can build a reliable sense of who you are now. No doubt, this is a time of great transition and instead of trying to play it safe by standing in one spot, you’ll be happier if you can go along with the changes until they settle on their own.

Ya THINK? ; ) LoL!!

(Pops a Dramamine and throws arms up in the air) WEEEEEEEEEhheeeeeeeeeee!!!

*1/2009 REPOST**

Just a note: I’m reposting this because it is the MOST ACTIVE POST in the history of this blog. It gets at least 10 hits every day!
SOooo…I thought it might be better with music
(cuz everything is better with music, doncha know!); Listen to the song – the lyrics always remind me to lighten up 😉 ENJOY!!

OOOhhhhh Shhhhhh........

Mine are middle 2nd row (hands over ears), end right on 3rd row (screaming for dear life)

An echo of the past postings:

(in response to staying with a meeting when you DON’T want to be there or hear what’s being said):

February 10, 2005

I can’t tell you what your mind tells you, but mine tells me that when somebody tells me they ‘appreciate what I said’, it says ” crap, crap, crap…just blowin smoke up your (whatever)”!

So DONT let it talk to you!

You DID come to a meeting,just as I did.
Why was I there?

  • Because it beats the alternative, which is spending quality time with the committee meetings in my head (not to be confused with the“advisory committee”…that involves NOT me).
  • Because the only way I know of  how to stay sober is to get myself moving in the direction of my Creator’s will and recovery for the day, even if its sitting my disgruntled ass in that chair when my head is trying to drag me outta there.
  • Because the people who have stayed sober and had the program work miracles in thier lives all have one thing in common…they “thoroughly followed” the steps and worked with other alchey’s (basically what we do at meetings, right?).
  • Because of that INABILITY to advise or “sponsor” myself. My head can always think of “legit” reasons why I shouldnt do what I KNOW I need to…usually it can justify it too!

In the last 24 hours I have been through a series of dysfunctional events~from a doctor trying to convince me that taking a narcotic was “ok because it didnt have any street value” – (this was his reaction to my balking at taking anything strong for pain and he thinks that THAT makes it ok if you are in recovery!) … to putting to rest some events in my life that have led to unsettled-ness, uneasiness, and general chaos across the board.

I have ridden the freakin rollercoaster of life-

the twists that come from anxiety,

the body slams against the sides as anger tried to throw me outta the car,

the climb up to the top as the joy from the good things in my life lift me up,

the loop-de-freakin-loops of hanging upside down and feeling as though (for that moment) I was in a free fall and there was nothing solid underneath me,

to the sigh of relief when I began to slow down and could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The part that clinches it is that while all these things are GOING to happen (if I am breathing in and out), as long as I’m working the steps (fastening the belts) and talking to you people (screaming through the scary parts) and not mediacating (holding on for dear life),

My Creator IS the car and He’s GOT ME! I’m going to live to ride again tomorrow…hopefully a DIFFERENT one (today’s was really harsh and rough), but I will get the opportunity to do it again.

Make no mistake, though….

I guess what I want you to hear outta all that is this:

No matter what your “head” tells you, DO NOT believe it! Every little thing you do makes a difference for somebody, even if you dont know it!!


3 Responses

  1. what a meaningful post it is to me. thanks!

    and have a happy 4th of july! enjoy, relax, laugh, love!

  2. But you have to believe it at some point in time, your head that is. Now, trying to figure out the truth from the false would be the tricky part for me.

    True! I can usually tell the “doom and gloom” thoughts, as I call it, from the intuitive though…the doom-n-gloom is usually critical, finds something in what the person’s saying so I can justify why it’s not pertinent to me, negative, condescending,etc. while the intuitive is more of a hit-in-the-gut feeling or unsettled/uncomfortable feeling. But I get what you mean. Sometimes the difference is subtle.

  3. Wow! You have a way with words. I may be 3 years in reading this but it rings true for me too. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

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