60 in 60 ~ Ambitious?

I was doing a real quick look-through my reader and saw this entry, so I checked it out.

This guy has read 30 of the 60 books and written reviews of each one. Its amazing!! And there’s 30 more to look forward to. I hope to follow the rest of the 60 in 60 and maybe do the same, minus the time frame 😉 ! Its just a little too unrealistic to keep that sort of goal.

But YOU! YOU could do it! 😉

Ecstatic Days

Jeff VanderMeer:

“…my ongoing “60 Books in 60 Days” encounter with the Penguin Great Ideas series. From mid-December to mid-February, I will read one book in the series each night and post a blog entry about it the next morning. For more on this beautifully designed series, visit Penguin’s page about the books.

Here’s a bit from #1:

On the Shortness of Life; Life Is Long If You Know How to Use It
by Lucius Seneca (c. 4 BC – 65 AD)

Memorable Line
“…the minds of the preoccupied, as if harnessed in a yoke, cannot turn round and look behind them. So their lives vanish into an abyss; and just as it is no use pouring any amount of liquid into a container without a bottom to catch and hold it, so it does not matter how much time we are given if there is nowhere for it to settle; it escapes through the cracks and holes of the mind..”

Relevance? Argument?
Although written almost two thousand years ago, “On the Shortness of Life” could have been written in this century because it offers prescient advice on combating the shortcomings of a modern life in which personal technology like cell phones and computers, coupled with internet addiction, have given human beings ever more ways to distract themselves from the fundamental questions of their existence, including the fact that all of us will eventually be dust.

Go check him out!




3 Responses

  1. I have read some of your posts and would like to revisit.

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    Naval Langa

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  2. Yeah, very ambitious. I aim for one a week.

  3. oh how i wish i could read 60 books in 60 days. but that’s so not going to happen…

    and for the game, your letter is…… w. have fun. looking forward to it.

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