Ultimate Alchemy

Wait Twenty-Four Hours

“Whenever the mind begins to flow downward, become aware as early as possible — as early as possible!

“Someone has insulted you. For you to become angry, a little time is needed because it is a mechanism. You will get angry, but after a gap.

Things will happen like a flash. First you will feel insulted. The moment you feel insulted, the second current will begin to flow: you will become angry. At first the anger will not be conscious; first it will be just like a fever. Then it will become conscious. Then you will begin to express or suppress it.

So when I say ‘the earlier the better,’ I mean when someone insults you, become aware as soon as you begin to feel that you have been insulted. And whenever you become aware, just make an effort to stop. Don’t fall into the automatic track even for a single moment. Even a single moment’s stop will help much. Longer stops will help even more.

“When [the Russian mystic] Gurdjieff’s father was dying he called his boy. (He was just nine, and Gurdjieff remembered the incident all his life.) … He was the youngest child and the father said,

I am so poor, I cannot give you anything, my boy. But one thing which my father gave to me I can give you. You may not even be able to understand what it means now, because I myself was not able to understand what it meant when my father gave it to me. But it proved the most precious thing in my life, so I am just giving it to you. Preserve it! Sometime you may begin to understand it.’

“So Gurdjieff just listened. The father said,

‘Whenever you feel angry, never reply before twenty-four hours. Reply, but let there be a gap of twenty-four hours.’

“Gurdjieff followed his dying father’s advice. It became deeply impressed in his mind the very day his father died, and Gurdjieff said,

I have practised many, many, many spiritual exercises, but that was the best. I never could be angry in my life, and that changed the whole flow, the whole current, because I had to stick to the promise.  Whenever someone would insult me, I would create something, some situation. I would just tell him that I would come back after twenty-four hours to reply, and I have never replied because it proved such nonsense to reply.’

Only a gap was needed. And the whole life of George Gurdjieff became something different.”

~Osho From: The Ultimate Alchemy

4 Responses

  1. wait 24 hours… better advise is hard to come by.

    happy new year to you and your family!

    Happy, HAPPY 2009 to you, Shadow … and all your Shadowettes!! 🙂

  2. Oh I am so pissed right now!!!!

    Okay Just kidding – I love this post though.
    Great advice…
    I appreciate your digging these up… and

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to you and yours too, Larry! Some of these things are so “duh”, but then I forget them and have to be reminded! 🙂
    Its really all about what I need to hear, doncha know?

  3. Um….what are you saying? What I do now? LOL

    Of COURSE!
    I know its what I always do…never overreact or say anything I have to make amends for later…
    Yeah. Riiiiight. We’ll go with that 😉

  4. Ya.. really it works…
    I tried after hearing to osho..
    Believe me i never b the same person
    after this experiment. Thanks for
    the posting.

    Thank YOU for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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