Merry Christmas from the Ghost of Past Postings!

Repost/edit from 2004

Holiday Greetings

As the New Year approaches and I reflect upon the last one, I want to convey my hopes for everyone whose life has touched mine, especially in the past year through Fence Postings!

May you:

Find yourself surrounded by people who truly love you-

friends who stay with you,

even when it disturbs their ‘comfort zone’…

Seek the higher roads in life – despite an easier, softer way-

finding the courage to travel them without compromise…

Take time to marvel and appreciate the intricacies

of something so delicate and perfectly made as a butterfly…

Learn the art of finding moments for yourself,

mastering and protecting them from the intrusion

of the world’s expectations…

See the good in each and every person,

even when their actions make it difficult to see beyond…

Seek the quietness and stillness found in snow falling

when the static of life’s chaos threatens to deafen you

to the “quiet little voice” of reason and consciousness…

Most of all, as you ruminate over the past year in your story, may you:

Learn from your mistakes,

Build on your successes,

Appreciate what you have been given,

Grieve what you have lost,

Listen for the quiet moments,

Strive to see the unseen,

Hear the music in everything around you,

Allow your senses every opportunity to expand,

Live in each moment,

And experience fully the best year given to you thus far,

because you are seeking the possibilities of each day!

Love and Peace!

via Its Always Raining In My Head’s Ramblings…: Holiday Greetings.


6 Responses

  1. amazing message… i’m glad you re-posted it.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours; not matter what year it is. 🙂

    We have GOT to get together soon. PLEASE. LOL

  3. Thanks for the lovely post to remind us what’s really important. Happy Christmas!

  4. Oh, I love this!

  5. did you write that message?It’s just lovely! You put into words what I can only feel. Thank you.

    Yes, I wrote them a few years back – a bit of editing, but the sentiments remain unchanged! Thank YOU!

  6. thank you for being here. let’s write ourselves into the new year, claim some power and do something with it. love and peace. rick

    Thank you Rick! I’d love to join you in writing into the New Year – sounds like a lovely plan! 🙂

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