Festivus, Indeed!

*NOTE: I thought this had posted, but its apparently still in “Draft mode”!  GAH! Sorry for the delay – pretend it’s the 14th of December; now, read on…*

Another installment of Festivus festivities has come and gone into the pages of history and I swear I think it gets better every year! The activities and people change up some years – last year we had time for a version of charades called “Charoodle”, but less people. This year we had more people, new faces, and less time to play games; well, other than “Dirty Santa” of course! So when most of the folks had left at a reasonable hour, the rest of us played an impromptu game of  “name that TV theme song”, thanks to our hosts’ extensive collection of  TV-related music files (we did NOT ask exactly WHY they had them or what they did with them). That was ALOT of fun! They spanned several decades and so everyone was able to play some. That led into some really RETRO disco music and some of our free-spirited, extroverts providing us with somespontaneous dancing. VERY entertaining and unexpected! 🙂

One of the things I like about our festivus, besides getting together with my people I don’t get to see all the time, is that everyone brings their comfort food. Some people just run out and get something or bring a typical “party” food, but there’s usually somebody who brings an actual comfort food. It runs the gamut from hashbrown casserole to sandwiches to homemade brownies. This year my favorites were the pot of macaroni and cheese and Mississippi Mud cake (my hubby made it from scratch and it was H-E-A-V-E-N-L-Y!!).

My favorite "gift" this year

My favorite "gift" this year

Lots of gifts were actually “nice” gifts this year and while I can see how that’s nice, I think its WAY more fun to bring really random, odd gifts. Personally, I really liked the bobble-headed, hotdog-weilding, Shoney’s Big Boy looking  “Big Willy” statue this year. Er, yeah. Just my humble opinion.

So here’s a question: Given the criteria, what’s your favorite comfort food and random, weird gift of the season?




4 Responses

  1. toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches… and chocolates…

  2. Walter was so happy to get his big willy

  3. well now…that didn’t sound too nice after I rad it 🙂

  4. about time no pics

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