Scrabbled Up

OMG! I should have KNOWN!!

You Are Scrabble

You are incredibly clever and witty. You can talk your way out of (and into) situations easily.You are an excellent decision maker. You are good at weighing the options in front of you.

You’re the type of person who can make something out of nothing. You are very resourceful.

You know a lot of things. Most importantly, you know when people are wrong – even when they won’t admit it.


4 Responses

  1. well darn, i’m boggle…
    can we still play?
    these are fun.

    ABSOLUTELY! I love boggle 🙂 Not sure about the “new” boggle, but I still have one of the old ones

  2. Hey I am passing along some Christmas joy to you – link over here.
    Christmas Award

  3. i feel like trivia pursuit today or clue lol guess i,”ll terrorize the kitty from hell hide and seek your it

  4. i ended up with scrabble too…

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