Song for Twilight Movie* Correction

*12/10/08 Correction: The movie is “Breaking Dawn” and the song is called My NeverSORRY for the confusion!

For those who have read the book (or are familiar with the series), I was searching in YouTube for a Blue October song (“Hate Me” –  but I wasn’t crazy about the video, so I passed on it)

and the very first video to come back was this one!

It has the author of the series, Stephanie Meyers, introducing how this song came to be in the movie even though Blue October won’t release their new CD with it on it until 2009.

Love the song!


3 Responses

  1. my teenage daughters have been reading all SM’s books…
    your never…
    thanks for sharing this…
    never mind… 🙂
    this is very cool video…

  2. i love that blue october ‘hate me’ song. the words really speak to me, especially one section…

  3. what is the name of this song

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