One of the understated joys of living in the Southeast is happening. Right now. Outside my window.

Ok, so its a little after midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday here in my world and guess what?

IT’S STORMING!! We have flashes of vivid lightning. We have house-shaking thunder. We have nervous and skittish kitties pacing and jumping. Did I mention the wind? Yep…its rattling the screens on the windows.  We have torrential rain. We’re under a Flash-Flood Warning AND a Tornado Watch. It’s still 58° F, for heaven’s sake!

With just a little time before Christmas, we’re having the weather that typically occurs in early Spring-time.

It’s okay though.

The forecast for Thursday is SNOW.

Thunderstorm Current: 57°F Thunderstorm
Humidity: 96%
Chance of SnowThu
45° | 32°





4 Responses

  1. one day, just one day, i WILL go somewhere to have a white christmas….

  2. i love this place!!!

  3. I miss all the good stuff. I slept thru it.

  4. I’ll give you the kitty from hell! lol

    Um, NO, thank you…no Pet Cemetery kitties for me!

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