Happiness is Contagious…Pass it On!

I KNEW IT!! No Studies needed,thank you!  😉


Good News for Happy People: It’s Contagious

Maria Cheng, Associated Press

Dec. 5, 2008 — When you’re smiling, the whole world really does smile with you.

A paper being published Friday in a British medical journal concludes that happiness is contagious — and that people pass on their good cheer even to total strangers.

American researchers who tracked more than 4,700 people in Framingham, Mass., as part of a 20-year heart study also found the transferred happiness is good for up to a year.

“Happiness is like a stampede,” said Nicholas Christakis, a professor in Harvard University’s sociology department and co-author of the study. “Whether you’re happy depends not just on your own actions and behaviors and thoughts, but on those of people you don’t even know.”

via Good News for Happy People: It’s Contagious: Discovery News.

3 Responses

  1. well you’ve certainly passed it on to me.

  2. there’s something worth spreading!

    thanks – a great start for a Monday

  3. Great pictures…definitely give you a feeling of happiness.

    Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes.

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