Tickets for Twilight Premier?…CHECK!

Twilight on Friday

Twilight on Friday

Ok, so I went online to order my littlest tickets for the premier of Twilight this Friday. You may remember she’s a HUGE fan of the book series. Hanging out at a bookstore with pre-purchase order at midnight = a serious fan!

I went to the theater that’s closest to us,  Monaco Pictures, and all of the regular showings were sold out during the evening (side note: the tickets for the 21 and older seats in the posh balcony area were available, but that was a moot point for my 13 year old!) And despite the attmept at convincing me otherwise, I will NOT be viewing it at midnight on Thursday – a SCHOOL night, no less!

So we are officially heading ALL THE WAY ACROSS TOWN to the Rave theater to see the 7pm showing. Said daughter is THRILLED that we are going, though she wished we could go earlier! And popcorn will likely be “dinner” that night; not that I’m all that upset about it! 😉

Just a little random event in an otherwise mundane Sunday.

Hope your weekend went by SLOW enough to enjoy, but had enough fun things in it that it flew right by at the same time!




2 Responses

  1. i love your ‘slow’ weekend wishes, thank you!

  2. Have fun! If only HP hadn’t moved it’s opening…

    The HP decision is one you do NOT bring up around my oldest…she gets all riled up if you do, so we refer to it as “the thing of which we do not speak” LoL

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