Special Song-“Election Night” by Colby Marshall

Colby Marshall

Colby Marshall

One of my daily reads, Colby at Spittin’ (out words) like a llama, posted these lyrics especially for SUPER TUESDAY 2008 – she’s got MAD SKILLS, that one!

Enjoy 😉


via Spittin’ (out words) Like a Llama: Special Song

(sung to the tune of “Wild Night” with my apologies to John Mellencamp):

As you grab a snack
Stand before your tv
And sit down in your reclining chair
Grab your remote and your beer

As you watch state maps
Tryin’ to remember
How many electoral votes
Each state has

And nothing yet looks quite concrete
As the vote count is not complete
As another swing state causes a defeat
Send one candidate flyin’, another cryin’ (her tears sustain me.)

Election night is calling, alright
Election night is calling

All the headquarters are packed
Waiting it out together
And TV anchors are interviewing random people
On the corner of the street
And the people they are talking to
Just seem to blunder
Their well thought out answers
In front of cameras seem to go asunder

And though there’ve been attempts at voter deceipt
When you walk out on the street
All the campaign signs aren’t so discreet (darn those signs!)
The sight sends you cryin’, dyin’

Tomorrow night, they’ll be gone!
Tomorrow night, they’ll be gone!

The election night is calling
The election night is calling
Stay on up and watch, stay on up and watch
Whoa, stay on up and drink some scotch (you know McCain is!)

Yes, indeed
Stay on up and watch
Stay on up and drink some scotch.
Election night….it is calling!

Here’s a video of “Wild Night” in case you want it for the tune:


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  1. thanks for posting 🙂

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