Many Happy Returns of Mary’s Birthday!!!

Last Year, this time...
Last Year, this time…

13 years ago today, October 24th of ’95, my littlest Mary bounded into the world, my life, and my arms and all have been changed for the very best! (Well…technically not my arms – they sort of went the way of gravitationally challenged appendages, but that’s another post!)

Born into our Dysfunction Junction, being a part of all of her has been so MUCH fun!! She is the spice in my life – hence the salt in the pepper of my hair. 🙂 From the time she was able to speak, and somewhat before, she has always looked at things in her own unique perspective. An example of what I call “Mary-isms” are as follows:

At around age 2, she comes down with a cold. When I ask what’s wrong, as opposed to saying her throat hurts, she says her “neck hurts”.  Trying to figure out what that means, I ask her does she mean her neck or her throat? With a slightly exasperated air, she says, “it feels like there are splashes of fire in the back of her mouth going into her neck”

At 3, she comes to the kitchen to ask for a bread tie. I absentmindedly get one and right before I give it to her, I stop…Waaaaait. What for? Very matter of factly she says, “I’m making handcuffs for Barbie – Mommy Barbie has been mean and so I’m putting her in the dungeon!”

So today is her day – she’s 13! Unlike most kids who YEARN for teenagedom, she’s going forward begrudgingly. This past week was “her last week to eat off the kid’s menus – LEGALLY” and she wishes she could stay a kid.

Today is HER day – a day to celebrate just how cool it is that we get to be in her life and she in ours.  So today, ya’ll smile and think of her, sending out positive energy for the very best of days!

And as Pooh says, “Many Happy Returns of (Mary’s) Birthday!!”

Happy Birthday, MyMary!!!!


4 Responses

  1. happy birthday MyMary!!!!! have a fabulous day. p.s. i hope she’s outgrown handcuffs and dungeons, heee heee heee

  2. YAY! Happy Birthday Mary. You are such a good mom Shiny. I admire and adore you both, and everyone else in your family as well. You are a great model to look to and I do often.

  3. Please tell Mary “Happy Birthday” for me (although belated since I’m catching up on my blog reviews today…)!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday little Mare-Bear! I hope this year brings to you every desire and dream you can imagine. You are such a special girl. The world has no idea what they are in for! I know that you will grow into greatness….it is just who you are:) Always keep your head high and your heart full of joy. You are a unique and beautiful young lady!
    Mrs. Michele

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