Weekends Were Made For Fun!

Question: How do you know when I am REALLY hungry?

Answer: By seeing how elaborate what I’m eating is.

How about smoked turkey, pesto, provolone, lettuce, and a fresh tomato on a toasted ciabatto roll, heated in the oven until the cheese melts? 😉  Mmmmm… Yep. I am THAT hungry!

Friday evening “the girls” and I got together to take Miz Improper on a bachelorette night out. Nothing crazy, mind you. Her 13 year old daughter joined us, so we kept it PG13 rated.

Tonys Little Italy at The Villages of Providence

Tony's Little Italy at The Village of Providence

We picked them up in a limo (the hostesses being “we”), drove them over to Tony’s Little Italy in honor of the honeymoon and had a great dinner with more of “the girls”. The best part, in my opinion, was c.a. not knowing anything about the plans for the evening. The Party Planner (hereafter being Capitalized because she kicked ASS on the planning) was Becky and the only thing she told c.a. was to be ready at 6:30, somebody would pick her up. Now if I had been in c.a. shoe’s (which also kicked ASS), I would have enjoyed not knowing. C.a., however, was not entirely sure how she felt about it, but relaxed after she realized that we weren’t going to embarrass her or do anything she wouldn’t be comfortable with in front of her daughter! As a bonus, we got in at a reasonable time too, which was a good thing for me since I had to be up early!

This morning I had signed up for a photography workshop offered through the Botanical Gardens. I picked up the littlest from her lock-in at school around 7:30 and got my gear to go shoot me some pics! The class, which is taught by Tom and Pat Cory, was full and we had everyone from the point and shoot guy to the one with the Cannon L-Series lenses (ok, folks…I did suffer from lens envy with this one, I have to confess! It was a beautiful lens!) It was very informative, a beautiful day (and COOL – literally!) to go out in the gardens, and the models were so cooperative and patient! I got mud all over my knees and elbows, getting at eye level with the kids, but enjoyed getting such a great opportunity to practice portraiture and to see other photographers and learn from watching them! The down side is that I forgot I can’t physically DO all that like I used to, especially on a cold morning, and I am paying for it tonight! 😛 Bleh!

Here’s one group of kids that were models (Sibs, can you tell?):

Kids that were our models

Kids that were our models

Now, widening the angle out, here’s what they had to deal with all day!:

Under the microscope a bit?

Under the microscope a bit?

Lol! See? They really were troopers! There were 47 people in the class and 3 groups of kids modeling.

And midnight just snuck up on me again! Sigh….




2 Responses

  1. that sounds like a perfectly wonderful time!

  2. I am so glad you had a good time.
    I am amazed at the picture of the children. I would have never guessed there were that many people around. I guess we don’t always get to see what is going on behind the lense…..or the closed doors either:)
    I can’t wait to see all the shots you took!
    Luv ya,

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