Time IS On My Side

“Time is on my side…yes it is!”

So croons Mick Jagger, who at turned 65 this past July. 65! He’s still proving it true as the leader of the Rolling Stones for over 40 years, releasing 5 solo albums, the latest of which was this time last year!

Why am I singing this in my head and telling you about Mick Jagger?

I was reading through some blogs (note: “catching up” is more appropriate!) and one of them was talking about beating the odds. As in thinking outside the limitating box doubts and fears build around you. Around me too.

Did you know that Grandma Moses began

painting in her nineties?

Or that Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales


was the work of the poet’s declining years?

“Dream Big and Dare to Fail”

Or how about Norman Vaughan?

An adventurer and explorer, living a lifetime of defying the odds. In 2004, just three days shy of his 89th birthday, Norman fulfilled a lifelong dream. He climbed his namesake, Mount Vaughan, a 10,302′ Antarctic peak.

At almost 89!

“Dream Big and Dare to Fail”

It’s his motto, on his business cards, and his life reflects that (obviously!)

The common thread is not fearing age, but fearing a life half-lived. Out of fear.

Seems to me that if something seems impossible, maybe the way to start … is to just start. Use what you got, share it with other people, and it grows in leaps and bounds. AND life takes you in directions you can’t have even imagined!

Say you like to take pictures. Carry a camera with you. Take pictures whenever possible. Read tutorials and articles about how to improve your pictures. Take workshops and classes. Join clubs and groups in your area. This puts you in contact with other people who share the same passion. Ask for input. Try to imitate techniques you like. Enlist like-minded people and go shoot pictures togeather. Take classes. Ask questions. Try what you learn and if it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped for, TRY AGAIN!

Life and the pursuit of happiness is not meant to be perfect! I’ve heard so many people around me say that its “too late” to go back to school or work… or they claim to be “too old” to try something new or pick up something they quit doing years ago. What are they really afraid of? Better said, what’s the worst that can happen from TRYING?

Time is on my side when I’m using it and not wasting it, waiting for something to come to me. Doing what I love or growing a passion into being doesn’t happen just because I want it to. I have to suit up and show up. I have to be willing to make mistakes if I’m to learn anything at all. I have to remain open.

But most of all I have to DO. SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

What are some dreams or passions that you’d like to pursue, if only?


5 Responses

  1. dream, passion… writing!!!

    Yes! Me too!! It’s one of the reason I love reading your blog – you INSPIRE! 😉

  2. successful writer. what are YOU doing to work towards your dream?

  3. I was affraid of becoming old, what if I didn’t fulfill my dreams ? Now I am old and am continually re-inventing myself and LIVING unexpected dreams. Wow, I am blown away by openness. I just expect Something to happen , and it does. But I had to be affraid first, then let go of the fear. Now I KNOW ” Time is on my side….”.

  4. Ditto Carol! Le Le you must jump now!

    Loved learning all the new things today. Thank you for that Le Le. And buy the way…where in the heckdo you find all this stuff. Amazing!

  5. Michele, I’m reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Berg and it’s a book on writing. The book is titled, Escaping Into The Open. In it she talks about taking that leap of faith; jumping. I’m not kidding. I highlighted it.

    Carol – So are you saying it could be a THEME ? 🙂

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