Quotes and Words and Shiny! Oh MY!

"Think,think,think..." (Pooh the Bear)

"Think, Think, Think..." (Pooh the Bear)

Today’s Quote of the Day has gotten me to thinking. (I know, dangerous at best for people like me, but its true nonetheless.)

Most of the quotes I collect, like so much rainwater in the puddles of my mind, are meant to be pondered. I collect them, quite literally, for just that reason. They are tucked into my purse in my pocket Thesaurus (no words from the Peanut Gallery – I know there are other people who do that!), pulled from my homepage, sent to me by other quote collectors, written on napkins in my car…an obsession of sorts, but one that lends me a bit of wisdom from others, I would hope.

Some people collect dolls or coins. Being a Word Nerd (hey! Sorta catchy!) I find words that I can relate to or aspire to or that inspire – scoop them up and put them where I can read and reuse them again and again. I have more than a few books of quotations…the Encyclopedia Neurotica… notebooks with quotes and lyrics and sayings… it’s my M.O. My thang, if you will. (Too bad if you won’t)

Today’s goes like this (chew on this until I can get back online – we are traveling home again tomorrow!):

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise, and thinking that having problems is the problem.

-Theodore Issac Rubin-

yeah. I like that.



*Oh! And back up off of my Cap’n Jack, you wenches! 😛

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  1. mmmm, yeah. i like this one too!

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