My Movie Match

I guess this about sums it up.
I took the Which Movie Boyfriend Is Yours quiz and here’s my result:

Your movie boyfriend is Captain Jack Sparrow


He’s a little weird and a little crazy, maybe, but that’s how you just might like them. So step up and meet your perfect movie boyfriend, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. A one-of-a-kind girl yourself, you probably value your freedom and don’t need to hang on your boyfriend every second. Quality time alone together is much more romantic, right? A man who does what he wants and goes where he pleases (but is still very much in love with you and not afraid to show it) would be the perfect match for you, Miss Independent. So be careful: A pirate might just steal your heart!

How do you compare to the Tickle community?

  • Movieboyfriendindiana_max80w

    Your movie boyfriend is Indiana Jones ~32%

  • Movieboyfriendjack2_max80w

    Your movie boyfriend is Jack Dawson ~28%

  • Movieboyfrienddarcy_max80w

    Your movie boyfriend is Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~34%

  • Movieboyfriendcaptain2_max80w

Your movie boyfriend is Captain Jack Sparrow ~ 5%

Not saying a word…Guess I’d best be hitting the beach tonight!

Arrrrrggggghhhh! lol


4 Responses

  1. aren’t you a lucky girl!!!! and enjoy the extra day at the beach!

  2. I’m jealous! And seriously, please start linking to stuff you find! Where can I go to take this quiz?

    The quizzes are from, where I’ve been taking quizzes since Jan of 2002 – who knew?

  3. Wait, I just noticed it says you are only 5 percent for Jack Sparrow? Ok I am really confused now

    LoL! 5% who took the quiz GOT Cap’n Jack! More for me 😉 Heh


    I AM you crazy lady. And if I EVER hear you speak of this again…it will be “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”

    That goes for you too Ms.MARKS!!!!

    Sorry, Poppet! Johnny and I go WAAAAY back (think before Edward ScissorHand – before 21 Jump Street)…

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