CF Holiday Card Winner!

Jonathan's Card - Awesome Design!!

A brief note: My little sister and her husband, who live in Birmingham, have 2 children with Cystic Fibrosis. Of course, they are very pro-active in the community, participating in the CF Foundation of Alabama’s programs for public awareness, as well as research for a cure.

This year, the Magic Moments program picked my nephew, Jonathan’s, art to be one of the Christmas card designs that they sell! We are REALLY excited for him and for the opportunity to show off his creative talents. He’s a really amazing and cool kid!

While I support many tax-deductible organizations, this was way too much for any of us to afford, but I was so very proud of him that I thought I’d post his illustration here! (Way to go, Jonathan!!!)

If any of y’all DO decide to purchase it (tax deductible), give me a holla and let me know, would ya?

Peace, ~me


3 Responses

  1. he’s really talented. it’s a beautiful drawing!

  2. That is wonderful. It’s a beautiful piece.

  3. Way to go Johathan! I like to see little budding artists!!!

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