Nights In Rodanthe, with a twist

Nights In Rodanthe

Nights In Rodanthe

Ok, so I went to see “Nights in Rodanthe” tonight at the Monaco Pictures Theater.

Interesting movie. I enjoyed the movie, was moved by the movie – I thought it could have added more depth to the characters and more time spent building  them up, but it IS Hollywood after all! I often wonder if Hollywood will ever produce movies with depth like the ones they did in the early days. But I did enjoy watching it!

But, no, it wasn’t the movie itself that was so very entertaining. Uh uh.  It was the experience in getting to the point of watching it. Lemme tell you what happened:

The movie was supposed to start at 6:50. So naturally who shows up at 6:45? *Ahem* Yeah.

Then I got in line for the popcorn. You know the one -the line that didn’t move while the next one over served 3 people? Yeah. That line. So when the line that WAS moving had only one person in it, we moved to that one. And the Slow-Line girl moved over and helped us. Slowly. A test in patience, I think. Moving on…

We get to our seats and sit, relaxing and munching. And talking. And munching and talking….Hmmm. Checking my watch, I see that the time is now 20 minutes PAST when the movie was supposed to start. Huh. Better just wait it out…

Finally at 7:15 the lights go down and the previews start. Preview #2 starts and its not what you would expect a preview to be before watching a dramatic romance. Huh again. Then the screen starts throwing up the “SO & So Productions”... “in association with “so and so Films“….and then the screen fills with the words

R E N T!

“WTF? Must be a preview,” I think. But wait. Its been out for so long!

Five minutes later my friend gets up to go tell them whats going on. I wait and watch the beginning of RENT for a few more minutes. Check my ticket. No, it says “NIghts In Rodanthe”, theater #8, starting at 6:50. Huh, yet again. So I start to gather our snacks and purses – just in case – because obviously this is NOT what we paid to see. Others are getting up and leaving too.

Suddenly the screen goes blank, the lights come up, and my friend comes in through the door saying loudly,

“Ok, Folks! Don’t get up, they’re fixing it!” You can hear people settling back in and laughing.

The lights go back down and everyone cheers – FINALLY the movie! But wait. No, its more previews. I get the giggles because, lets face it – this really is ridiculously funny!

The previews end, the screen fills up with the beginning of the movie and …

all the house lights come on!!

Seriously. I just about wet the seat laughing so hard!! Tears were flowing. I couldn’t help it. And the more I tried to stop, the worse it got. The people behind us starting laughing too, I think just because they could tell I couldn’t stop. Like when you were in church as a little kid and your brother made a funny sound. The more you tried NOT to laugh, the harder you did.

My friend said “OH MY GOD!” and got up to go address the situation, yet again. A “You GO girl!” from the balcony set me to giggling again, but when the lights went back down, I tried to get a grip.

I did settle down and dry my eyes on my sleeve. Did my relaxation breathing to stop. Fanned my face to dry it.

The movie, like I said, was a good one. They just didn’t spend enough time building up the characters. Diane Lane was phenominal, but I haven’t ever seen a movie of hers I didn’t like.

When the movie ended, instead of the lights slowly coming up as the credits rolled and music filled the silence, the lights came ON, BAM! all at once and the music stopped abruptly. Probably because they were behind schedule for the next showing!

As we exited the theater, there was an employee of the theater handing out complimentary passes for any movie to apologize for the inconveniences we had encountered. Very professional and appreciated. AND a good excuse to have to find another movie to watch soon! 🙂




2 Responses

  1. lol – well it involved something free… we’re all over it…
    great story!

  2. You know Le Le…A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do! I don’t think I have heard you laugh like that in a long time. I was about to pee my pants just watching you!

    What fun we do have in this life we travel..hmmmmm

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