Passing Through


Passing Through

The distance receding, each step closer

My own opacity decreasing by shades

Until, face to face

Pausing to gaze into and through

My transparency illuminated

By Your spirit moving into, with, and through

Lighting me from within

Fragmenting and shattering the shadows

That lurk

In the shades of my doubts

Passing through

Forever altering the opacity that colors me


Undone by the very degree of Your luminosity

And the force of Your presence

Waves of the Spirit that defines You

Cascade over me

Undulating throughout my soul

Lingering with me

Long after Your light

Moves away and dissipates

And I am forever changed.


2 Responses

  1. that is simply AMAZING!!!

  2. that is very moving – i love the flow and colour of the poem
    it is hard to quantify the elusive moments of change but you’ve done it wonderfully!

    I made you a wordle.
    Check it out at this link:

    You ROCK Larry! Thank you 🙂

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