Oh Baby!

Remember I mentioned a baby shower back in the ramblings about weddings? Yeah.

So this evening was the baby shower! I have to admit that while I am so DONE with that phase of my life, all that cute little baby stuff does tend to cloud my thinking! No worries, it would take Divine Intervention, which is highly unlikely! But that baby lotion smell? and all those itty, bitty, tiny little socks and shoes? Sigh….

Luckily the clouded thinking passes quickly! Next comes remembering sleep deprivation stretching out for 3 years or so … constantly changing diapers … colic … more laundry than I care to remember …

My friend will be fine. Its her first, she’s young, and is in good shape (yes, even pregnant!).

It was very nice to get to be a part of their families’ excitement about the soon-to-be member of the family and it was interesting to see family dynamics in action that are so very different from my own! The shower was held at HIS mother’s house, where his ex-wife and son live too. SOooo the party was primarily his family including his mother, his ex-wife, his ex’s boyfriend, his sister, his step-father, and 20 of his mother’s closest friends…literally! They all seem to live in the same group of townhomes connected to each other by a lonnnnng shared back deck. So for example, walking up to a random woman and asking if they were friends of my friend or her husband, the common answer was “Oh, I’m friends with HIS mama – I live 2 doors down”. A bit too much close proximity for me personally, but hey! Who am I to say? Although I still don’t begin to understand why his mama has his ex-wife living with her and his stepfather!

But it was a very nice evening, the house sits on the Tennessee river right up next to a railroad bridge, and we ate out on that very long deck. Watched the trains roll by and barges pushing up the river while the breeze off of the water kept us cool and the mosquitoes at bay. All in all a good evening, but now I’m wiped out!

So I’m going to post a couple of pics from tonight, then call it a night. Tomorrow morning I’m heading over to the Monte Sano Art Show where Michele is setting up a booth and Angie has been asked to paint. FUN!!

Sweet dreams and happy things!

Peace, ~me


Sitting on the deck, watching the trains and boats on the river

Whoa Mama! She looks phenomenal for 4 weeks left! (Check out the shoes too)

Whoa Mama! She looks phenomenal for 4 weeks left! (Check out the shoes too)


Holding up the portrait I did for her...I think she liked it 🙂


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  1. Well shoot. I’m sorry I missed it. Congratulations E!!! FINALLY, eh?

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