Air Kisses of Fall

I’m reposting this because a) it fits 🙂  & b) its very late and I can’t stop yawning enough to see well with my eyes all watery and whatnot! Peace, ~me


July 8,2006

Did you feel the air last night and tonight?

I didn’t even know it was supposed to be so cool last night!
I stepped out the door in my pj’s

the breeze was making the leaves on the trees whisper,

tree frogs serenading – sounded otherwordly!

But, Dayyyymn!!

The AIR!!

When I stepped into the night and felt the cool air against my skin and tossing my hair about my face?
it was like being attacked … at pore level
by a million cool kisses at once
I wanted to BATHE in it!

Sleep in it!
Just BE in it!!
Something about that feeling (and yes I get it every time the seasons change and the first cool front comes through)
…that feeling conjures up and defines ‘yearning’ for me

I ACHE on the inside ~

feeling a comfort and awe and restlessness and a profound sense of loss simultaneously, all in an instant!

Like some long ago feelings, born in an intimate moment,
but this is more of a reaction to a physical sensation than an emotional one!

I stood there and watched the clouds race across the moon, experiencing it to the fullest possible

and wondered if maybe somewhere, somehow another kindred soul was enjoying it the same way too

serendipitous air kisses
serendipitous air kisses

Maybe the very same air brushed it’s kisses across their skin,
before serendipitously finding their way to mine.

At least, that was what I thought and hoped….

Magical, that cool night air!!

So what did I do?

I came in and threw open every window
so I could have just a taste of that magic flowing through the house while I was sleeping!

Its on nights like these I wish I had a sleep porch that I could just step out onto
Or maybe find a spot where the city lights don’t burn away the star’s brilliance,
throw down a blanket and pillow ~ camp out so to speak

So many moments and things, just like these,

bring me such a deep sense of WOW and gratitude!
Its been awhile, but for the last couple of nights, it has found me to be a willing and appreciative participant in the awe inspiring moments offered by this world and this life.

…And I am humbly grateful for the awareness


2 Responses

  1. that is BEAUTIFUL!!! your writing placed me right there, made me feel it… lovely!!!

  2. it’s lovely…
    thanks for sharing.
    it was going on here lately too…

    serendipitousosity 🙂 lol

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