Um…Hello. Guest Blogger Here.

Guest Blogger Today- Mary. (Image done by my friend AmytheSquirrel [Click on the pic!] on deviantART, but it really is of me.)

Guest Blogger Today- Mary. (Image done by my friend AmytheSquirrel {Click on the pic!})

Um. Hello. Wait, I already said that. I’m doing a wonderful job at this, aren’t I? Jeez.

Anyway! Sorry. I’m Mary, AKA ‘the littlest’, ‘the youngest’, etc. etc. My dear mother’s computer is being eaten by a virus, so she requested I make a post so you people wouldn’t abandon her in exasperation. 🙂

Hm. I think my sister just woke up.

Oh yeah, Ashleigh is here from today to…I THINK tomorrow or Monday. Probably tomorrow, she has nurse work now…

Jeez, what do you people normally DO here? I don’t have a blog that I use like this, I’m so lost here!

Okay. Okay. I’ll just go back look through old posts and see what she normally does.

Looks like a lot of ideas and pictures and poems and quotes.


Let’s start with quotes. My top two quotes I have ever read, that are actual QUOTE quotes, I got from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. If you’re the kind of person that normally has to get a conversation going, or just LOVE random, basic, trivia, read those books. I’ll bet you a million dollars you’d learn something you never knew before.

But back on topic. Top two qoutes:

“A thief regrets that he was caught, not that he was a thief.”

– Old English Proverb

(I would put a picture up with that, but GAWL, the pictures that came up when I google searched thief, prison, or smirk will burn my mind for the rest of eternity…!)

Because, I mean, how true is that? I must of backspaced pages worth of stuff trying to describe what speaks out to me in this. It’s thought provoking. Anything that provokes thoughts is a good thing in my book. (Well, maybe not anything….)

An Old Spanish Proverb:

If I die, I forgive you.

If I live, we will see.

I love this one becuase it makes me laugh. It also makes me think of this guy for some reason:

Inconceivable, Mary!

Aaanyway. That takes care of a picture and the quotes…check check.

Here’s some inspirational music for you guys, since it’s pretty much common ground that tons of writers get their ideas from music and I’m in need of inspiration right now and so I decided to share: 🙂

(Ignore the video for this one, it was the best I could find. It’s called ‘Awakening’ by Mae.)

Okay…! That takes care of music, since it’s mentioned at least once almost every post…now, poem. Owch.

I’ll think I’ll just post some of my favorite stanzas from a poem I wrote a while ago…

Flown from the tips of fingers
Magic there, stuck in time, lingers
Close my eyes and see the moments,
Clear like photographs, sounds sweet like intonements

It makes me laugh,
But cry just as fast-
I can feel it as wind or music,
Beautiful but can easily lose it,

I’m sitting here shaking but dry,
As another me is drowning on the screen, afraid to die,
By another name, age, and time,
I may not be there, but the fear is mine,


Multicolored sounds and the sweet taste of the perfect word,
Is a gift she wields better than the strongest knight of sword,
I know there’s better, and she doesn’t feel the chance to fly;
I love her written word, more than my own, but I see she wants the words she used to cry

My friend had told me about how she missed a bunch of people she would write with, but they had drifted apart. I wrote this to help a little and to tell her I still respected her writing…she’s the only person who’s ever seen it, though, so consider yourselves lucky. (ha-Ha!)

Okay, poems. Quotes. Music. annnnnd…picture(s). For some reason I feel like I’ve focused this around me. A bit self centered. Sorry, I’m used to writing life logs as a journal entry kind of thing on deviantART…I’m not used to trying to be wisdomatic…

I also feel like I did exactly what this song entails to you. (It’s not too long, listen to it.)

It’s really weird, normally I’m a lot more eccentric than this…

Things arent always as they appear. Sometimes you need to spy(der) a little past basic appearences.

Things aren't always as they appear. Sometimes you need to spy(der) a little past basic appearances.

-shudders- Never searching for a picture of a spider ever again. Ever.

Okay, leaving you guys alone now.


-not her



4 Responses

  1. wow. what a post. a little bit of everything. i like that first quote (want to tell that to the guys who broke in here…) and the second one, well i had to laugh…

    now that itsy bitsy spider… shivers…….. kinda well camouflaged ain’t it.

  2. GREAT JOB MARY! Your sweet mother should be very proud of you….I know that I am.

  3. i was a bit overwhelmed by this one … it was all so well done and I didn’t know what I should pick out 😉

    I had a girlfriend that lived by that Spanish proverb = lol

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