Here are a few pics from the wedding this weekend! C.A. posted some too , if you want to see those.

I’ll post more when I’m better able – the epidural was this evening, so I should have some time tomorrow!



click on the images for bigger versions!

2 Responses

  1. Man! Those are some stunning pictures. Especially the ones of the bride and groom! Awesome job.

  2. looks like weddings are everywhere – how long the bridesmaid? — lol

    They seem to run in cycles…when you’re in your 20’s it seems like friends and family generally of the same age as you fill your calendar with tiny red hearts and times to attend. Then it’s baby showers, baptisms, first communions, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations… then the next phase begins with your children’s buddies getting married or your friends and family finding love a second time (or third or fourth etc)
    Everything has a season, all of life being a constant motion, so yes! ‘Tis the season to be a bridesmaid (technically a “matron” – sorry Shelly!) and I am thrilled with the opportunity!

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