Delays of Gratification

Hey Ya’ll!

I was so exhausted yesterday, I didn’t even post! How tired was I?

I was attempting to put together a post and I literally kept falling asleep while typing…I finally said “bump this” and went to sleep.

Yesterday I had the very distinct pleasure of shooting pictures of one of my friends who is expecting her first baby! πŸ™‚ She wanted a few “belly” shots in black and white to keep, plus she has amazingly almost flawless skin and Michele wants to paint her. She is gorgeous anyway, but add the glow of pregnancy and you have a classic portrait in the making.

So we dressed her in swaths of materials, used some indirect lighting, let Michele pose her as she was thinking of painting her and took some pictures (so she wouldn’t have to stand still for an actual painting!).

I’ve downloaded them, but have yet to pull them up because I know I’ll get lost in developing them and I’ve got to go get another one of those procedures done – no time right now. (Note: Talk about your delayed gratification! Definitely not in my repertoire of personality traits! I believe my photo is next to the definition of “instant gratification” in situations like this!)

So I’m off to the doctor again to see about some much needed relief! (Note: if the next few posts seem a bit loopy, you’ll know why πŸ˜‰ )

See you on the flip side!





Got rescheduled for next week. I don’t know if I’m happy or pissed….a bit of both I think. Relieved because I never look forward to ANYTHING involving needles … pissed because I was mentally prepared and arrangements had been made – my hubby took time off work, the kids were taken care of, etc. Now it’ll have to all be re-arranged! 😦


I guess the bright shiny side is now I have time to go look at the pictures πŸ™‚



2 Responses

  1. sheeze – i always hated it when pam’s cancer treatment seemed to be about “their schedule” instead of her coping with a life threatening disease!
    i am always suspicious when healthcare “professionals” slip the schedule – was it me ? or is this about them?

    i am envious of you taking photos of the pg friend – that is so cool – probably wouldn’t do for me anyhow cause i think pregnant women are the hottest!

    hang in there kid!

  2. i too hate it when i’m ready for something, and then others change it. good luck and hang in there.

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