Top 10 Things to Do (When Your Vacation Sux)

Ok, so c.a. and her “Gent” have taken the opportunity to get away for a weekend. It’s been planned for quite a while. The kiddos taken care of, lodging secured, time taken off work – the whole shebang!

And with the upcoming wedding in less than 8 weeks, they probably needed to chillax and regroup away from the responsibilities of home. The last post from c.a. was of pictures from their balcony.

Sugar white sands of Panama City Beach, Florida

Sugar white sands of Panama City Beach, Florida


Panama City Beach in sunny Florida.

Looks like Fay wants to crash your party.

Unsolicited advice is always more helpful when you are the giver and not the recipient, sooo….

With that in mind, here are my (and hubby chimed in while I was typing with a few suggestions-betcha you can guess which ones)

(*Said with booming ECHO VOICE)

Top 10 Suggestions of What to Do at the Beach When the Weather Sux

(*cue drumroll)

1) Wade to the car and go watch a movie at the closest Rave Theater (*Destin Commons)

2) Go to the video store and rent movies you wouldn’t watch at home (heh) or have a film festival featuring a day’s worth of your favorite genre of movies (or a series) – you can do this from the bed ;)

3) (My family’s favorite) Wade to your car and go to the closest Barnes & Noble or Books a Million and spend hours reading and drinking coffee )

BEST Key Lime Pie and bakery

BEST Key Lime Pie and bakery

4) Go to the Donut Hole on the East side of SandDestin and take home a Key Lime Pie (THE BEST!!)

5) Play strip Scrabble ;) heh

Strip Scrabble anyone? ;)

Strip Scrabble anyone? 😉

6) Wade to the car and go SHOPPING at the closest mall (*Destin Commons is set up like Bridge Street, so you would get wet, but they have FUN stores and you pass the Silver Sands outlet malls on the way!)

7) Find a tanning salon that allows you to pay per session and go tan a little each day you are there 8)

8 ) Make a list of all persons that you have…no wait, wrong list! … make a list to buy all your friends (and kids too, for that matter) who got left at home a memento of your time spent becoming one with the ocean (*hint: see #4 for excellent gift suggestion!)


9) Catch up on the YEARS worth of sleep you both have deprived yourselves of by getting up at INSANE hours like 3-4am everyday!

and finally,

10) don’t get out of bed all day (or leave sporadically), leaving the sliding glass door cracked so you can hear the ocean and rain, light candles, brew good coffee, order in, read/blog/play Mad Libs in between activities #5 and #9, and just spend the time enjoying each other’s uninterrupted, responsible-less company for as long as you can, (*clothing optional) ;)

What do you think? Think anyone else out there has some suggestions?

Love and Laughter, ~me


5 Responses

  1. I used to live in Florida. It’s funny how people expect it to never rain! Sorry, your vaca got ruined but looks like you know how to make the best of situations!

  2. i think your list is just purrrrfect! shopping, bed, him… can’t think of anything better.

  3. doesn’t that sort of scrabble make it hard to hide extra pieces ???
    i guess it would reduce cheating — lol

    9 and 10 look like awesome activity — just imagining hearing the beach from where i am sitting is a stress reducer…

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  5. me and my brothers would always love to play scrabble every weekend, .

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